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Founder, Michael Wills

That's me! I develop this site in my spare time and commit on average 10-15 hours a week to the task. Outside of Cut Down Drinking I work full time as a digital marketer and enjoy gardening, cooking, and spending time with my wife, 3 cats and two dogs.

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Helping people to really hone their role as a key driver behind the changes they seek for themselves

Life happens and sometimes it's a little traumatic. And, we all deal with trauma in different ways. It just so happens that I tend to deal with stress and anxiety by drinking alcohol. It's not something I'm entirely happy about, but it's also something that I'm OK with. Arriving at that juxtaposition many years ago, my natural curiosity lead me on a path of exploration into the utmost detail behind why I do and think the things that I do. In mid-2014 and in the context of drinking, that meant developing a clear picture of how much I drink and how it affected me, which lead me to commence development on the first iteration of this site - a humble excel spreadsheet.

It was during this time I realised I wasn't alone and that there were a lot of other like-minded people all at different stages on a relatable journey. Given my unique background and aspiration to help others at scale, I feel as though I am well placed to introduce some change in the way we tackle health issues related to alcohol consumption and mental health. Enter Cut Down Drinking (cutdowndrinking.com) - a website app aimed at helping people find the patterns behind their drinking and start to create lasting positive change today.

I really hope you find the site useful and I welcome feedback at any time.

Michael Wills
Founder, Cut Down Drinking

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